La Guardia Airport, New York - May 12, 2006 (2:12pm)   This is your captain speaking - NOT! I was so thrilled when the pilot of this Delta McDonnell Douglas MD-88 (more commonly known as a Super 80 or MD-80) not only let me take some pictures of the cockpit but also let me sit in the captain’s chair right after I arrived in New York. I bet these pilots can probably fly this plane with their eyes closed (just like me) thanks to a device called the autopilot! My hats off to Delta for their excellent service! The flight left right on time and arrived in New York early. On the return flight, by some coincidence, Teodora, our flight attendant, happened to be from the same country that my mother and I are from: Bulgaria. She was extremely friendly and took very good care of us. After arriving in Miami, my mother, who is now a senior citizen, needed assistance with a wheelchair. It was the captain of this flight who found one for her. He not only flew the plane to our destination but also escorted my mother in her wheelchair right through the jetway. Now that’s what I call first class service and yet we were only seating in the economy section! (Photo by Delta pilot, Nikon D50)

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