Chicago, Illinois - June 25, 2005 (4:13pm)   I was standing in the middle of the street (at the corner of W. Lake Street and W. La Salle Street) when I took this photo and it’s a wonder that I didn’t get runned over by a car (Willie Nelson was not so fortunate when he got hit by a truck after playing on the road again!). Anyway, I’ve been fascinated by trains since I was a little kid. When I lived in France and Spain, I used to ride the subway often. The Orange Line train took me from Chicago’s Midway airport to downtown, right by the Sears Tower. I also took the same train to get back to the airport. It’s been many years since I’ve been inside a train so seeing and riding the trains of the Chicago Transit Authority sure brought back memories! (Photo by George, Canon PowerShot S200)

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