Fort Lauderdale, Florida - June 25, 2005 (7:35am)   I was supposed to be at the Ft. Lauderdale airport at about 25 or 6 to 4 to catch an early flight so that I could go to Chicago to see Chicago (it seemed appropriate enough) on Saturday (in the park). Instead, I woke up at around that time, and sure enough, I missed my 5:35am flight, and only by seconds! When I got to the gate, the AirTran Boeing 717-200 was still there but they would not let me on it. Fortunately, there was a flight about an hour later so I ended up going from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta on AirTran flight 1778 instead. Actually, my mishap didn’t turn out all that bad because I would fly on a brand new Boeing 737-700 instead of a fairly new Boeing 717-200 (I had flown on them 3 times previously but never on a dash 700). Anyway, I took this picture from seat 15F shortly after take off. This brand new aircraft was delivered by Boeing to AirTran only barely two weeks before I flew on it. The paint on the engine is so fresh that I can even see the reflection of the fuselage on it! Although this turned out to be a very smooth flight, it was late leaving Ft. Lauderdale. I got on my connecting flight in Atlanta with only seconds to spare! On the way back from Chicago, I got to the airport more than 4 hours ahead of time, to make sure I wouldn’t miss my flight again. While waiting at the gate, I decided to grab some breakfast (since they rarely serve meals on flights anymore) at a McDonald’s that was on the same concourse . There was a long line of hungry people waiting in line there. After I finally got my Egg McMuffin, I ran back to the gate only to find out that my plane left early! I absolutely could not believe I missed my plane again and only by seconds for the second time in only two days! This time, I had to wait at the airport for another 4 hours for the next flight. This would be the fourth time that I missed a flight (one time, I missed an early morning flight from Paris to New York and I contemplated going on the Concorde so that I would get back home on time!). When I travel, life is certainly quite an adventure! (Photo by George, Canon PowerShot S200)

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