Miami, Florida - March 24, 1975   I bought my 1973 Volkswagen Super Beetle without air conditioning, thinking that it would not strain the small air-cooled engine as much. That turned out to be a big mistake as it was always way too hot inside, even if I opened the vents and windows. My next car after this one was a second-hand 1968 VW Bus with a custom camper configuration, the same type of VW that hippies would drive. Although it did not have any peace signs painted on it, it did leak a lot of oil (about a quart a day) and there were oil marks coming from everywhere in my neigborhood leading directly to my house! Unlike my Super Beetle which had headers, my VW Bus did not have an exhaust pipe at all and it was incredibly loud: It sounded like an old propeller aeroplane taking off! Worse yet, it was very slow and had very poor pickup. Speaking of hippies, I may have been the world’s first one: At the age of 2½, my hair grew very long because I was afraid of scissors and would refuse to get a haircut!

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