Plovdiv, Bulgaria - April 1887   Here is a very old picture with some of my maternal ancestors from my family’s archives. Sitting down from left to right: Pavel Simeonov Groueff (1879-1945) when he was 8 years old. He was my maternal grandfather and a very special person indeed, based on all the good things I have heard about him. His last name was sometimes spelled Grouev or Gruev after being transliterated from the Cyrillic alphabet. Next to him is Radka “Rada” T. Azmanova (1825-1905) who became Radka “Rada” Pavlova Ghergikova when she married. She was his grandmother, my great great grandmother and the mother of the other four women pictured here; my mother Radka Groueva was named after her. Next to her is Ekaterina P. Ghergikova (1862-1944) whose married name would become Ekaterina G. Mincheva and Maria P. Ghergikova (1847-19??) whose married name would become Maria I. Kassova. Standing from left to right: Lala P. Ghergikova (1854-1930) who became Lala Simeonova Groueva when she was married. She was the mother of Pavel Simeonov Groueff, my grandfather (the boy who is pictured here) and my great grandmother. Next to her is Anna P. Ghergikova (1856-1938) whose married name would become Anna Tchipeva (who is related to my cousin Anton “Doncho” Tchipeff (sadly, he passed away in 2012). This photograph was taken in Plovdiv. It is the second largest city in Bulgaria and also the place where many of my ancestors are from.My little grandfather was a lucky guy being surrounded by all these women, LOL! Must be something that runs in the family! Sadly, both of my grandfathers were killed by the communist regime shortly after the Russian red army invaded Bulgaria, my homeland and land of my ancestors. I never got to meet neither one of them because I was not born yet at the time of their death.

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