Plovdiv, Bulgaria - 1940   Here is a rare picture of my paternal grandparents together: Kohar Rizova (Koхaр Ризова), my grandmother and George Rizov (sometimes spelled Rizoff as in French or Георги Ризов in Bulgarian), my grandfather and namesake. Grandpa George was from Macedonia. He was from the city of Thessaloniki (a.k.a. Salonica), which is now part of Greece and is the capital of Greek Macedonia. My grandma “Baba*” Kohar was from Armenia. I never understood a word she said when she spoke in her native Armenian. However, I understood her just fine when she spoke in Bulgarian, my native language. Although I visited my grandmother Kohar often when I was a kid in Bulgaria, I never met neither one of my grandfathers. Sadly, they were both unfairly executed by the communist regime for crimes that they never committed. Their tragic fate is one of the great injustices that came out of World War II and the spread of the evil communist empire. *“Baba” (Баба) means grandmother in Bulgarian.

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